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It is in our DNA….. Something within, something deep down fuels that inner engine, the fire that burns brightly and motivates me to train.  For some it may be hunting or climbing, a primitive test of one’s inner strength that must be expressed in some fashion, albeit positive & productive (bonus!).  The Spartan battle call pries open my eyes & propels me out of bed before the sun climbs the sky most every morning.  It is more than a pleasure of aesthetics, or for a physique that is out of the ordinary (extra-ordinary seems like an extra-normal description..). There is a genuine feeling of satisfaction that results from training, one that is embedded into our chromosomes. So, it not only feels good for me but also i KNOW it is good for me. I am better everyday bc of it. I look forward to results. Like a fine wine😉


Bio-Communication System

Neurotransmitters and hormones make up the body’s communication system. This complex network of chemical messengers includes hormones (sex & adrenal hormones) and neurotransmitters (GABA,serotonin/(inhibitory),dopamine,glutamate,NE,EPI/ (excitatory)). These chemical messengers travel through the blood until they reach and activate various receptor sites located in numerous places throughout the body, like muscle cells and fat cells. Like a key to a lock, once the chemical messenger fits into its proper receptor space, the receptor is activated (the switch is ‘flicked’ on or off) and the message is transmitted. Brilliant. The body is incredibly adept and able; however…..over time and with repeated exposure to toxins, pollutants, poor nutrition,stress, and other environmental factors, these endogenous micro-messengers can become imbalanced, depleted, or even destroyed. It is during this time that the negative effects of aging and stress become obvious. Damage happens, despite one’s best efforts.
Optimum health and wellness is only possible when our inner communication system is operating efficiently and properly. Proper nutrition, regular strength training & HIIT excercise, adequate sleep and rest, effective stress managenent, and adequate hydration: this is the optimum health checklist – I call it the “‘BE YOUR BEST’ checklist”…. First & foremost it all depends exclusively upon a HEALTHY Bio-Communication System!! To process the best nutrients requires properly operating internal machinery. So, no matter HOW good/ how clean one eats,… regardless if he/she has the BEST workout program, etc….. First things FIRST: Our body machinery must be functioning properly & effectively in order to process nutrition, recover from exercise, handle stress, sleep well….

If you would like info/ direction on how to test your body’s individual Bio-Communication machinery, you may contact me and I can refer you to professional licensed, certified, physicians that can HELP YOU BE YOUR BEST.
Radiant Health is Super Wealth

Mental Fitness Matters!

Depression aka ‘feelin’ the blues’ sucks. Getting help can be difficult. Or maybe not: A Comprehensive Metabolic test (a simple blood-draw lab visit) can be a TREMENDOUS benefit, perhaps likely even the greatest personal health assessment that one can do to measure one’s biological health. It’s in the blood, so to speak. I am amazed by how much i have learned about my own personal health profile using metabolic testing. In fact, I cannot understand how every single patient that meets with his/her physician does not complete metabolic testing first.
An interesting observation is the liberal use of depression medications (SSRI’s, etc) in today’s clinical environment. Studies show the inverse-correlation between depression medication therapy and bio-identical hormone optimization therapy.
(as in — choose one, or the other….) Interesting stuff indeed, worth a look into. A balanced hormone profile equates to a healthy metabolic profile. Balanced hormones equate to balanced health.
Get a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel performed for your self and your health. Find out now your TRUE biological health (compared to your chronological age/health).
Contact me and i’ll help you out! I have the BEST team of certified/licensed & professional physicians on the planet, and i a would be glad to help get you a referral consultation. Without doubt, this can be LIFE CHANGING, greatly improving your Quality of Living standard NOW. I am in the BEST shape of MY LIFE NOW!!!

Benefits of Hormone Restorative Therapy


Thrive! Not Survive✨

According to WHO, ‘healthy’describes a state/condition in which one is free from disease. But is the REAL definition of ‘health’ simply one that refers merely to the absence of disease? No no no. We can be so much more. Proper diet, regular exercise, effective stress management, & sufficient rest are essential.  As we age, our endocrine drive (hormones) slowly diminishes, & we lose that spark. Unless we preserve it!  Optimize your metabolic profile! Restore missing hormones naturally thru HRT- bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  Ask your doc. Or text me for a referal to a qualified  physician who WILL ASSIST YOU. Time to THRIVE not merely survive!!!

*WHO  World Health Organization