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Mental Fitness Matters!

May 28, 2016

Depression aka ‘feelin’ the blues’ sucks. Getting help can be difficult. Or maybe not: A Comprehensive Metabolic test (a simple blood-draw lab visit) can be a TREMENDOUS benefit, perhaps likely even the greatest personal health assessment that one can do to measure one’s biological health. It’s in the blood, so to speak. I am amazed by how much i have learned about my own personal health profile using metabolic testing. In fact, I cannot understand how every single patient that meets with his/her physician does not complete metabolic testing first.
An interesting observation is the liberal use of depression medications (SSRI’s, etc) in today’s clinical environment. Studies show the inverse-correlation between depression medication therapy and bio-identical hormone optimization therapy.
(as in — choose one, or the other….) Interesting stuff indeed, worth a look into. A balanced hormone profile equates to a healthy metabolic profile. Balanced hormones equate to balanced health.
Get a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel performed for your self and your health. Find out now your TRUE biological health (compared to your chronological age/health).
Contact me and i’ll help you out! I have the BEST team of certified/licensed & professional physicians on the planet, and i a would be glad to help get you a referral consultation. Without doubt, this can be LIFE CHANGING, greatly improving your Quality of Living standard NOW. I am in the BEST shape of MY LIFE NOW!!!


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