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July 1, 2016

It is in our DNA….. Something within, something deep down fuels that inner engine, the fire that burns brightly and motivates me to train.  For some it may be hunting or climbing, a primitive test of one’s inner strength that must be expressed in some fashion, albeit positive & productive (bonus!).  The Spartan battle call pries open my eyes & propels me out of bed before the sun climbs the sky most every morning.  It is more than a pleasure of aesthetics, or for a physique that is out of the ordinary (extra-ordinary seems like an extra-normal description..). There is a genuine feeling of satisfaction that results from training, one that is embedded into our chromosomes. So, it not only feels good for me but also i KNOW it is good for me. I am better everyday bc of it. I look forward to results. Like a fine wine😉


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  1. 🍷❤️💪What a great read. I am going to train today👍Thanks for the Instinct motivation . My goal is set on results.

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