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Spring Cleaning 🏋🏼

April represents a transitional time of year, as the daylight burns longer & the nights grow warmer.  It is a chance to cleanse the body & mind and prepare for the warmer months ahead.  Intermittent fasting can help reboot the metabolism & recharge the mind & body.  Increasing water intake to hydrate body cells plus boosting cardio exercise weekly will do wonders. Get to it!☀️




LiVe while you’re alive!

Proper nutrition is unique to the individual (as far as amounts, timing, taste,etc..) although there are some basic superfoods that we all can benefit from by including them in daily meal prep.

Walnuts, blueberries, oats, egg whites, flax meal, cottage cheese, green vegetables , plain greek yogurt, bananas, are some of the best.

Training (exercise/sports) to optimize physical, intellectual, & emotional fitness is combined with excellent nutrition & food habits so to be at one’s best every day.  Science is improved every day, offering technology to greatly enhance our top fitness state, in such areas as longevity, anti-aging, & sports performance.

Greetings earthlings.

This weblog is about popular health & fitness culture, longevity & anti-aging, and training & nutrition. Performance enhancement & cognitive development is a priority indeed!  

Ive been a pro in the health & fitness industry for 20 years. Worked with others from around the world, across the USA & Mexico.  Ive lived in Southern California since 1996.